The Faculty of Business Administration, formerly known as the Department of Business Administration of VNU – HCM (prior to 2006), was founded in July 2010. As of 31 May 2017, FBA has two departments (concentrations): Management and Marketing. FBA has 26 full-time lecturers including 2 Associate Professors – PhD, 4 PhDs, 20 Master’s degree holders. The Faculty’s academic staff accounts for 11.7% (26/222) of UEL’s total, senior lecturers 11.7% (2/17) and main lecturers 38.5% (3/8). There is also a specialist (the Faculty secretary) who is in charge of administrative work to support the Board of Faculty. Among all its academic staff, eight are currently pursuing a PhD in Vietnamese institutions and six abroad. In addition, FBA has 26 part-time lecturers and 10 visiting lecturers.

There are currently 887 students enrolled in four programmes: Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration (high-quality programme), Bachelor of Marketing and Bachelor of Marketing (high-quality programme), accounting for 13.71% of the total UEL students (887/6467). FBA is one of the four faculties in UEL accredited for offering a doctoral programme besides Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.