In the purpose to strengthening and concretizing the strategic relationship with Indiana University based on the agreement signed by the two parties in December 2016. Besides, to expand and build cooperative relationships with other prestigious universities in the United States, the University of Economics and Law, the National University of Ho Chi Minh City (UEL) held a mission to the United States from June 27 to July 4, 2017.

The delegate has the honor presences of Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung – Principal of university, Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Chi Hai - Dean of Economics Faculty, Assoc. Duong Anh Son – Dean of Economic Law Faculty, Assoc. TS. Le Vu Nam - Dean of Law Faculty and MSc. Dao Gia Phuc - Deputy Director of the American Law Center.

The delegation received tremendous reception from the universities in the United States and the trip has gained a lot of remarkable success, opening up many opportunities for cooperation in the future. The specific agenda and content of the trip, including:

1. At Indiana University (June 28-29, 2017)

During the mission, Indiana University has warmly welcomed the delegation and agreed on future cooperation in the areas of law, business administration, public policy and information systems, including:

1.1. Exchange scholars and support young lecturers of UEL:

With UEL's proposal for Indiana University to support young lecturers exchange and access to databases in Indiana, Indiana University is committed to accepting young UEL faculty members for their individual studies with instructors correspond to their majors by semester. Young UEL faculty members during the research period in Indiana will be provided with research facilities, database accessible permission. If the academic board requirements for faculty members in Indiana (at least PhD) are met, UEL faculty members may also participate in paid tutoring. Expenses for accommodation and travel are by UEL self-sufficient.

1.2. About the Master of Laws Program (LL.M.)

UEL is committed to assist Indiana in admission and also arranges a position at UEL "Indiana Corner" to promote a reputation of Indiana to Vietnamese students. UEL proposed to raise the tuition fees supporting for UEL students and some 100% scholarships in the first year in order to attract students.

Indiana University will send representatives to UEL around November 2017 to promote the LLM program to Vietnamese students. In addition to default 30 % tuition exemptions in agreement with UEL, Indiana may provide additional assistance case by case. This content will be further clarified in subsequent sessions with the school.

Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Chi Hai took a photo with Prof. Shawn Reynolds

1.3. Summer School Program

UEL recommends that Indiana continue to support faculty lecturers for Summer School programs that will be held for the first time in 2017 and subsequent years. For convenience in arranging a trip that does not coincide with the start of a new semester in the United States, UEL will host Summer School every year for two weeks beginning from late July to early August.

The University of Indiana is committed annually to sending two professors to Vietnam at appropriate times to support the Summer School program, and depending on the topics that UEL proposes annually, Indiana University will provide Professors who are appropriated to the program. Professors will be teaching and not receiving remuneration, but the costs incur during the trip need to be discussed further in the future.

UEL's Mission and two UEL alumni pursuing doctor and master's degrees at Indiana University's Mc Kinney Law School.

1.4. Some other discussion:

To enhance the efficiency of the implementation, two universities agree to strengthen the organization of live teleconference classes. At the meeting, Prof. Cynthia Mc. Adams, who specializes in negotiating and drafting contracts, offers to teach this subject to UEL students via live teleconference by the teleconference system at UEL. Two faculties have equivalent subjects on this topic so they are available for students to enroll in the equivalent course and recognize exemption of the equivalent subjects, UEL will not pay for this class. This issue needs to be researched and technically prepared by UEL for organizing classes due to time zone differences.

Indiana is currently implementing an e-learning system that is well invested from data-driven systems to filmmaking. Indiana is committed to sharing experience and advising technique to UEL.

Regarding the organization of an internship program for Vietnamese students to the United States, Prof. Lloyd T. Wilson, Jr. during the meeting with UEL, offered to design a program for students visit and study in Indiana for a period of 2-3 weeks at a cost of about $ 3,000 per student.

A advantageous orientation for people who do not have a bachelor of law degree (M.J program) is the enrollment in the masters program of law. Prof. Deborah McGregor in the meeting also introduced this program to the delegation and planned to support information dissemination and deployment to learners in Vietnam. This is an opportunity for UEL economics students to study and achieve a masters degree in law from Indiana University.

In addition to work with the School of Law, the delegation also has meetings with the School of Business and the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University. During the meetings, the two schools gave information about the training program, discussed the opportunities for cooperation and exchange lecturers.

During the visit to Indiana University, the delegation also visited to University of Bloomington School campus, which has the famous School of Public Policy, worked directly with Prof. Shawn Reynolds, Associate Vice President. For International Partnerships and leaders of the Vietnam Initiative are Prof. Andreas Hauskrecht and Prof. Kerry Krutilla. UEL has received strong commitments from the School rectors and Association of Cooperation and support. UEL will soon welcome and work with Prof. Andreas Hauskrecht and Prof. Kerry Krutilla in late July 2017, in order to prepare for the contents of research and international conference in the coming time.

               Mission and leadership University of Indiana at the home of Professor Xuan Thao.

2. Georgetown University, Washington DC

Georgetown University has taken time to welcome and introduce the facilities as well as an overview of the training programs to UEL, including an introduction by the School of Continuing Studies in providing short course design according to learners' needs. Law Asia Center has introduced combined Summer School courses in Washington and London where UEL faculty members and students can participate as well as exchange opportunities that the two schools interesting.

Through this visit, UEL should continue to maintain the relationship and orientation of the cooperation in the future.

3. Touro University, New York (July 2-3, 2017)

The school also had a warm welcome to the delegation and went into discussion of many collaborative matter. Dean of the school - Prof. Harry Ballan, through UEL's visit, also emphasized that the Touro campus also wants to be a key partner of UEL like Indiana doing. There are some contents that two parties discussed:

3.1. Program LL.M.

UEL agrees to inform the LLM program to Vietnamese students and requests Touro University to exempt tuition fees for UEL students, and in the first year to provide two full scholarships to UEL students.

Touro University offers a first-time integrated online education program in Vietnam in the form of an online tutorial by the Touro's Professors, next time students will come to Touro to learn, To save costs for Vietnamese students, this program must be feasible and, in particular, consider the application process in the host country for both Touro and UEL. About the scholarship Touro is committed to reviewing and seeking funding to support two 100% scholarships as proposed by UEL.

3.2. Other Academic Exchange Programs:

Touro University is committed to continue to implement student study tours to UEL annually as well as UEL continuing to support Touro’s exchanges visits to Vietnam.

Touro also considers the potential of sending faculty members to UEL's Summer School courses in the future.

On July 4, 2017, the delegation came back Vietnam and finished the mission. Through this trip, UEL has proven strength and affirmed position to international partners, including major US universities. The content of exchanges and commitments with partners during the trip need to be further discussed clearly and plan to implement in the coming soon.


                                                                                                             MSc. Dao Gia Phuc,

Deputy Director of the Center for American Law