Expected learning outcomes of BBA Program




1.1. General knowledge in natural, social sciences and humanities

1.1.1. Adopt scientific methodology to solve economic and business problems.
1.1.2. Apply knowledge of mathematics, natural sciences to research and solve business problems.

1.1.3. Apply knowledge of social sciences and humanities to solve organizational and management problems.

1.2. General knowledge in economics

1.2.1. Have basic knowledge of microeconomics, macroeconomics and management theories

1.2.2. Have knowledge of finance and accounting to solve economic and managerial issues

1.2.3. Have ability to understand and systematize basic knowledge in economics and business

1.3. Specialized knowledge in business administration

1.3.1. Have knowledge and ability to think systematically to solve organizational issues

1.3.2. Understand the principles of management, competition, production, investment, distribution and customers.

1.3.3. Have knowledge of business laws and demonstrate professional ethics

1.3.4. Have ability to apply knowledge to criticize and develop business strategies.

1.3.5. Have ability to apply knowledge to the plan and organize business activities.


2.1. Analytical, empirical, critical, and problem-solving skills

2.1.1. Have ability to identify and detect problems in production and business

2.1.2. Have ability to evaluate, analyze, synthesize and provide solutions

2.1.3. Have ability to organize and implement business projects and plans.

2.1.4. Have ability to manage a specific activity such as business plans

2.2. Business planning and consulting skills

2.2.1. Have ability to form ideas, plan and organize business activities

2.2.2. Have ability to evaluate business plans, projects and policies

2.2.3. Have ability to draft contracts and negotiate in business

2.2.4. Have ability to do research and explore new knowledge especially about business issues

2.3. Systematic thinking

2.3.1. Have ability to think systematically when approaching life and career problems.

2.3.2. Have ability to sort out problems and interact within the system

2.3.3. Have ability to sort out and prioritize actions in problem solving

2.3.4. Have ability to analyze the matrix and choose a reasonable management solution

2.4. Professional skills

2.4.1. Develop self-awareness of one’s characteristics, personality traits and knowledge

2.4.2. Take the initiative in planning one’s career

2.4.3. Have ability to update market information and capture business opportunities

2.4.4. Have ability to manage time and other resources

2.5. Personal attitudes

2.5.1. Be active and willing to take risks in business

2.5.2. Demonstrate persistence and flexibility in solving business problems

2.5.3. Demonstrate professional ethics, integrity and responsibility

2.5.4. Demonstrate a professional attitude when solving a business problem


3.1. Communication skills

3.1.1. Have ability to establish communication strategies in a global context

3.1.2. Have ability to establish an effective communication structure with partners

3.1.3. Have ability to communicate in writing and multimedia

3.1.4. Have ability to effectively present problems or ideas in public

3.1.5. Demonstrate critical listening and critical thinking

3.2. Teamwork skills
3.2.1. Have ability to form independent working groups
3.2.2. Have ability to organize team activities to achieve goals
3.2.3. Have ability to develop groups
3.2.4. Have ability to work and coordinate with others 
3.3. Communication skills in foreign languages
3.3.1. Have ability to communicate effectively in English (500 TOEIC).
3.3.2. Have ability to use multimedia and communicate effectively in English (500 TOEIC).


4.1. In social context
4.1.1. Be aware of corporate social responsibility
4.1.2. Be aware of law, history and culture knowledge
4.1.3 Be aware of the benefits that business brings to society 
4.1.4 Be aware of topical issues 
4.1.5. Have ability to develop a global perspective 
4.2. In business context  
4.2.1. Respect cultural diversity in the organization 
4.2.2. Have ability to manage conflicts in the organization. 
4.2.3 Have ability to adapt in a multicultural work environment 
4.2.4. Have ability to manage business risks 
4.2.5. Have ability to manage change in business 
4.3. Life-long learning.
4.3.1. Actively participate in physical, intellectual and mental health activities
4.3.2. Have ability to self-study and update new business knowledge
4.3.3. Have ability to build personal goals including career development
4.3.4. Have ability to use methods and tools for research
4.3.5. Ability to grasp and apply new technology to achieve career goals