The regulation on graduation intership



No: 55a/2013/QTKD

Socialist Republic of Vietnam





Ho Chi Minh City, 27 September 2013



Graduate internship is an important part of the training programs of University of Economic and Law and Faculty of Business Administration. It gives students the opportunities to connect and benchmark their theoretical knowledge with business practices. And students could accumulate necessary practical knowledge for the transition into the labor market after graduation.

Graduation internship will be fully organized at the enterprises which helps students to be easy to access and observe actual business systems. Students could collate and benchmark their knowledge learned in school to practical environment. Moreover, students could access the business issues that the theory has not been mentioned or not fully updated.

During the internship, students will be under the supervision of lecturers from the faculty to explore, analyze and evaluate business theories that are applied in practice. At the enterprises, students are also guided by an employee of the organization offering the internship. At the end of the internship, students have to complete the internship report that is certificated and appraisal by the organization offering the internship and supervision lecturer.


The purpose of the internship helps students to access practical situation of business and localities in order to explore and apply their knowledge of professional skills, career skills and communication skills in the actual environment.

It helps students to identify practical business issues so that they can effectively practice capacity of identification, exploration, handling situations and decision making.

Students could prepare the knowledge to meet the employers’ requirement after graduation.

After completing the internship, students could improve the skill of business report writing, written communication skill, and communication skill in English to fulfil the expected learning outcomes.

Students not only have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to the specific context in order to solve the problem but also to be trained in a challenging environment with many new creative ideas in the context of global business. 


All students are encouraged to participate in the field trip and internship in enterprises as well as completing the internship report. Internship result will be recognized if the student completes the coursework distributed in the Curriculum. That means students’ graduation internship report is only recognized if the two following conditions are satisfied:

First, (1) completed at least of 100/130 credits of the program; (2) completed at least five specialized subjects: Strategic Management, Production Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing Management.

Second, being approved by the Dean and assigned instructors.

As a result, if students meet two above conditions, they can participate in pre-term internship and are not required to do so in the eighth semester.


Each student not only directly participates in the learning process during the internship, but also completes a graduation internship report. It presents the synthesized report reflecting production and business activities of the unit in the specialized field that students have selected and registered.  

Students must abide by the regulations of the internship by University of Economics and Law, profession requirements of Faculty of Business Administration, and the decisions from the internship employers’ units.

Students who do not complete the graduation internship report or results do not meet the requirement have to participate another internship of the next course. 


The Department of Business Administration unifies the general regulations on graduation internship. before taking place of internship, the regulation is updated and supplemented annually with the following contents:

(1) General regulation, process of internship and implementation of graduation report;

(2) Plan and content for graduation internship;

(3) A form of graduation internship report.

Leaders Board of Faculty and academic mentors deploy the regulations of graduation internship to students in the seventh semester of the course.

5.1. Contents of graduation internship

  • Each student will select a number of oriented topics which are specified in the content of the internship to write the internship report. For choosing a good topic, students should consult with the enterprise offering internship and instructor to avoid misleading or affect the report’s result;
  • Internship topics that chosen by the students themselves should be clearly defined, detailed and be in line with the training requirements of the Faculty of Business Administration.

5.2. Rules of graduation internship:

During the internship period, students must abide by internship rules as follows:

  • Strictly abide the regulations by organizations offering the internship;
  • Strictly follow the guidance by organizations offering the internship, instructors, and assigned lecturers;
  • It is not allowed to change the internship instructor assigned by Department;
  • During completing the graduation internship report, student must regularly meet and discuss with instructors. All the meeting must be confirmed in students’ internship diary. At the end of internship, students submit documents to the Department  including internship diary, enterprise’s assessement and comment on graduation internship report;
  • The results of graduation internship will not be recognized if:
    • Students who don’t comply with the internship regulations of organizations offering internship and Department,
    • Or The grade of internship report is below 5.0 (using 10 point grading scale).

5.3. Deployment process of graduation internship

Annually, based on the plan of school and the schedule of Department of Academic Affairs, Faculty of Business Administration will clearly announce the plan for graduation plan to students in the eighth semester with the following procedures:

(1)             Student chooses the instructor;

(2)             The assigned instructor is based on the choice of student and the consent of instructor. The list of the instructors will be announced to students;

(3)             Students have to discuss in detail with the instructor about the graduation internship plan, writing graduation internship report, and getting advice on internship related concerns and questions;

(4)             Students receive recommendation letter from Faculty to find enterprise offering internship;

(5)             Faculty provides recommendation letters and any necessary support for the students to contact the enterprises offering the internship. In addition, students can apply to intern in enterprises that cooperate with the University of Economics and Law. Annually,  a certain number of students intern in those enterprises after going through the strictly admission process. It is convenient for student to contact enterprises for internship, Faculty provides recommendation letter at the beginning of the seventh semester; 

(6)             Students conduct internships at the enterprise and prepare a detailed proposal;

(7)             During internship period at the enterprises, students must follow the guidance of employee of the organization offering the internship and Faculty’s instructor.  After a period of internship, students have to complete the detailed proposal under instructor’ guidance;

(8)             To collect documents for the completing of the graduation internship report;

(9)             The total duration of internship and completing graduation internship report lasts from 8 to 10 weeks; 

(10)          After completing the internship report, students submit the report to enterprise for getting review and evaluation;

(11)          Upon completion of the internship, students send thank-you letters from Faculty of Business Administration to enterprises that have supported internship.

(12)          Students submit the internship report and the internship diary to the Faculty office;

(13)          The graduation internship report is marked by instructor;

(14)          Announcing the results to students;

(15)          Receiving and handling concerns and questions that relate to internship score. After finishing, Faculty announces the final official score and transfers transcript to Department of Academic Affairs;

(16)          Summary of the graduation internship.


Graduation internship result is a prerequisite condition for students to complete the thesis. And graduation internship result is required for students to complete the program.

Graduation internship report is the result of a process of students’ working and leaning in actual environment. The report must describe, analyze and evaluate one or more business issues that students have participated in the enterprise. The report also shows the explores and finding the business issues that students have observed during the internship period. On that basis, studens can propose their thought and develop new ideas that can be applied in the new business context.

The report should not exceed thirty A4 pages. Based on the general requirements, rubric for internship report assessment is described in the table 1 below.

Table 1: Rubric for internship report assessment  (on a scale of 1-10)



(Bloom’s scale)

< 5

5 -< 7

7 -< 9

9 - 10

Report’s Content



Have the ability to memorize and understand the knowledge. The ability of analysis is not required.

Know how to use knowledge to solve problems.

Have the listen and argument skills.

Know how to use knowledge and methods suitably, analyze the problem deeply.

Employ in-depth knowledge, methods, analyze the problem in a critical and logical manner.

The style of writing, argument and presentation (30%)

Fairly difficult to understand

Easy to understand

Easy to understand with a logical manner.

Easy to understand with strong arguments and excellent presentation.

Reviews of enterprise offering internship are an important part of grading the graduation internship report. Grading structure may consist of two components: 80% of score from the instructor and 20% from enterprise offering internship.


The graduation seminar consists of two courses for students who don’t write theses. Students must complete those courses before the graduation internship However, the prior-2013 classes still take the traditional graduation seminar that is designed after graduation internship.

Students that write thesis also can take the graduation seminar without registering for credits, if those courses are helpful for their own work. The new schedule arrangement for graduation seminar is more appropriate than the previous schedule. It solves the problems of employment opportunities that have emerged from the practical situation. Firstly, students will be more wholeheartedly for their internship. Secondly, students will not miss job opportunity that they get in internship period. Thirdly, students who write thesis also attend the useful graduation seminar.

Two specific courses in the graduation seminar will be announced for each class. Content and assessment method for the seminar will be considered as a course in the training program with a duration of 3 credits.

The requirements for two courses in graduation seminar (for students who are not required to complete thesis) is to consolidate and expand their professional knowledge and skills related to the academic program. In addition, subjects in graduation seminar must be practical and up-to-date. Those two courses will be announced at the beginning of the semester and are changed once every two years by Science Council of the Faculty of Business Administration.



Dean of the faculty of Business Administration