Educational Support Activities

Table 1. Academic support system for BBA students





Official support from the university:

Through websites, student handbooks, student forums

Provide official information to not only students but also anyone who is interested in majors, courses, educational programs, student evaluation, opportunities for advance and supplementary studying, studying two degrees simultaneously, post-graduate study and career opportunities.

Through: website, Student handbooks, Regulation for Studying, online forums, civic education week at the start of the course, etc.


Official support from departments:

Through: Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Office of Educational Testing and Quality Assurance, Office of Scientific Management and Postgraduate Programs, Library, Office of Student Affairs, Youth Union,

Provide students the detailed information about majors, methods for achieving desired results, studying conditions, measures to overcome difficulties and get desired outcomes

Opportunities for students to get scholarships and sponsorships

Information about claims, conditions for advance study, graduation and premature graduation, preserving academic records, transferring to a new educational institute.

Instruct students to participate in academic research activities as well as find highly specialized documents for researching

Give advices on self-evaluation during the studying progress


Official support from academic advisors:

Faculty lecturers that are assigned to each class

Provide specialized information about the major and subjects

Help students in selecting suitable subjects, understanding the benefits of each subject as well as knowing how to achieve good academic results

Counsel students to choose a specialized research orientation for their major which is highly related to their potential career after graduation

Give students the guidance about doing scientific research and participating in academic activities that are related to their future careers


Unofficial support from student academic groups:

Associated with organizing academic clubs and academic forums

Clubs: Group of Potential Administrators (GPA) club and Marketing club are the competing environment for not only students from the related major but also other majors to take part in academic activities in business.

Connect students to successful businesspeople to satisfy the need for real life knowledge and experience.

Help students to relate their learned knowledge to the reality and develop creative ideas and implement their knowledge in their careers

Help students to gain career confidence and be capable of working on their own and start up a new business


Unofficial support:

Relationships with enterprises and the alumni association

Meetings with business owners and alumni to help students understand their career in reality better

Students have a better chance to adapt new environment and find suitable jobs

Students improve themselves in terms of social communication, career communication and communicating in foreign languages